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Featured Ads: Website & Social Media

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Get your event noticed and improve attendance through our website,

social media connections and live event coverage.

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Reach prospective customers through our website

and social media networks on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

  • Featured ads on our website & social media channels

Take advantage of our online connections to put your organization, business or event in front of locals, where they are gathering online.  We promote ads on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  We also have a You Tube and Snapchat (Now Snap Inc) presence.

  • Promote your event online

    Feature your event on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to get noticed.  We also offer live event coverage to drive spontaneous attendance to your event and create video content for future promotions.

  • Target and measure the reach of your ad investment

    Through online advertising, you can target specific interests and regions that your ads are delivered to, and then measure the results.  For example, a facebook video posting can be targeted to our region, optimized time of day to reach people and “music” interests.  We can then measure how many people the ad reached, how many people viewed the ad, how long they watched it for and more.  These metrics help improve the creation and targeting of future ads, improving the value of your ad dollar investment.

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2097+ Facebook followers

623+ Instagram followers

1110+ Twitter followers

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  • help you develop and implement a strategic marketing plan online

  • expand your online reach in the community

  • target and measure your ad dollar investment

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